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Manuale 44mm

Manuale 44

Gaga Milano 44mm 系列的錶殼尺寸在經典優雅和當代美學之間取得了和諧的平衡。此系列提供一系列精美的錶盤設計和材質,確保每個人都能找到一款完美的腕錶。

此系列的每款腕錶都搭載了一個經過精心製作的手動上鏈機芯。這個精巧的機械結構證明了Gagà Milano對傳統製錶工藝的堅持,使愛好者能夠享受手動上鏈的樂趣。
Gagà Milano的44毫米手動上鏈系列保留了品牌獨特的設計元素,如超大的錶冠、大膽的數字和獨特的指針,這些元素也同時向Gaga Milano 經典48毫米系列致敬, 使品牌成為國際上一個轟動的潮流。這是一個尊重過去同時擁抱未來的系列。

The 44mm case size strikes a harmonious balance between classic elegance and contemporary aesthetics. The collection offers a range of exquisite dial designs and materials, ensuring there's a perfect timepiece for every taste.
Each watch in this collection is powered by a meticulously crafted hand winding movement. This intricate mechanism is a testament to Gagà Milano's commitment to traditional watchmaking techniques, providing enthusiasts with the joy of manually winding their timepiece.
Gagà Milano's 44mm Hand Winding Collection retains the brand's unmistakable design elements, such as the oversized crown, bold numerals, and distinctive hands, that made the 48mm series an international sensation. It's a collection that respects the past while embracing the future.

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