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Manuale 40mm

Manuale 40mm

Manuale 40mm手動錶以其現代設計而脫穎而出,適合休閒和優雅場合。它具有40毫米的錶殼,母貝錶盤,石英機芯和位於12點鐘位置的不可或缺的螺旋錶冠。手工製作的色彩搭配意大利皮革錶帶,與數字和錶盤相得益彰,完美地呈現這款腕錶。

女性的當然不能錯過 Manuale 40毫米漂浮腕錶,石英腕錶,可選擇拋光鋼質錶殼、鍍玫瑰金或鍍黃金錶殼。這款腕錶的真正特色在於母貝錶盤上漂浮著帶有阿拉伯數字的天然切割石

Manual 40mm stands out for its modern design suitable for both casual and elegant occasions. it is charachterized by a 40mm case with mother of pearl dial, quartz movement and the unmissable screw-down crown at 12 o'clock. A colored handmade in Italy leather strap, matching the numbers and dial, completes the watch.
A feminine proposal could not be missing: the Manuale 40mm Floating, a quartz watch, available with a polished steel case, rose gold plated or yellow gold plated case. Real peculiarity of the watch, the natural stones that float in the mother of pearl dial with Arabic numerals.

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