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Manuale Lady

 Manuale Lady:一種精緻美的選擇


您可以從不同的設計中進行選擇:從直徑35毫米的圓形不鏽鋼錶殼的 Manuale Lady 開始,GaGà Milano 還推出了帶有白色或黑色母貝錶盤的玫瑰金 IP 處理腕錶。

品牌首次提出了帶有Frozen 外觀處理的錶殼,這種特殊的特徵使腕錶充滿令人驚嘆的閃爍效果,為太陽射線銀色錶盤帶來更強烈的光澤。

Manuale Lady: a choice of sophisticated beauty

A new collection dedicated to a woman who loves beauty, aware of what she wants and not afraid to stand out. 

You can choose from different design: starting with the Manuale Lady with round stainless steel case 35mm GaGà Milano has also created IP rose gold watches with white or black mother-of-pearl dial.

For the first time the Brand proposes the case with frozen finishing, this particular features enriches the watch with a breathtaking sparkling effect that gives a more intense brightness to the sunray silver dial.

In this new collection is immediately recognizable the signature GaGà Milano design but with the addition of a special detail: a little ring on the crown that recalls in a contemporary and ironic way the charming pocket watches. 

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